Praise for ThinkAboutIt: Philosophy For Kids

“I share this organization’s innovative materials at my workshops for teachers and parents interested in bringing philosophy to children. I applaud such an enthusiastic effort to honor the promise and natural abilities of child philosophers.”

Marietta McCarty, Author
Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids
(National Bestseller)
How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas That Matter Most (Nautilus Book Award Winner)


“Philosophy for kids is a splendid idea in general-and the ThinkAboutIt books are splendid in particular,not merely as ideas, but splendid in the practice of both words and drawings. The books can open your children’s eyes, stretching them to the fascinations of the world, from robots to free choices to the colours of flowers and just what is matter and mind. And what matters in all of this, is that your kids, instead of being passive tv sponges, are thinking and active and imagining.”

Peter Cave, Author
Do Llamas Fall in Love?: 33 Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles
Can a Robot be Human?: 33 Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles
What’s Wrong With Eating People?: 33 More Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles
Humanism: A Beginner’s Guide


“Hurrah for Amy Leask!  She’s a genius for writing books for kids about philosophy. She rightly believes that kids are thinkers and are perfectly capable of exploring big ideas. She manages to make philosophy not only approachable, but fun and engaging, for kids. She also has a lot of knowledge about kids’ non-fiction books in general and she shared that with us in a lively TVOParents Book Club discussion about non-fiction books. She was able to bring kids’ non-fiction to life. Thanks Amy!”

Cheryl Jackson, Host/Producer, TVO Parents


“Every effort should be made to help a child think well about themselves and the world around them. Understanding and using the mind well helps us make better choices. Good choices lead to good living and good living leads to joy. Philosophy is a study that greatly promotes and imbues life with goodness. Philosophy simply means the love of wisdom and love and wisdom are our greatest means to happiness. Amy’s guides to Philosophy are lovely and thoughtful, playful and sincere. They offer a critical reach across from educator to student and, more importantly, can help students connect to their own love of wisdom and joy within.”

Clifford Henderson, Teacher, New York School of Practical Philosophy


“There are several presses and authors with whom I spoke that I found truly inspiring. Amy Leask with Enable Publishing, for instance, discussed the Kids Think About It series of philosophy books for children…During a transitional time between the written and the typed word, this is an exciting step into computerized books for kids.”

Casey Hudson,  Blogger, Ehmerican Book Girl


“I loved, loved, loved the book. I found it thought-provoking on a adult level as well. …Written in accessible and often humorous language, Amy Leask’s “Thinkaboutit!: Philosophy for Kids” is a useful resource for children and parents alike. As the mother of an endlessly inquisitive daughter, Amy’s book facilitates insightful (and often spirited) discussions on those never-ending “WHY?” questions. “Thinkaboutit!” provides children a springboard on which to form relevant ideas and opinions, questions and answers which would confuse and mystify adults. I will be recommending Amy’s book to other parents who wish to encourage creative thought and open dialogue with their children.”

Jenny Ruttiman, Parent


“We picked up the first issue, Kids Think About It – Let the Thinking Begin!, for my 7 year old daughter. I could tell that the questions got my daughter thinking, when she started crunching up her face in concentration. Love it! It’s nice to hit her with questions she wouldn’t normally think about, and she loves to read about the philosophers from the past…I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, because Mom enjoys them too!”

Rebecca Ramdehol, Parent


Praise for According to Phil: A Young Thinker’s Guide to Robots

“Two opposable thumbs up!  “According to Phil” is a wonderful tool, enjoyed by both child and parent!  As the mother of a child who would rather build than read, the theme of “thinking about Robots” caught my attention, and it did successfully pique my son’s interest too.  The book is full of great “robot” details; we learned about the very beginning of robots, and other milestones in robot history.  The book is written in a very approachable manner but still manages not to “talk down” to its reader.  New vocabulary and concepts are well-explained and easily understood.  The interactive activities are engaging and educational, and the artwork is fabulous!  I was particularly pleased with the way the book inspired thoughtful conversation between my son and I.”

Karen Suidan, Parent and Teacher




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