Yeah, I’ve always been a writer.  When I was in grade 2, I had a poem published in a regional anthology of children’s work, and I was hooked.  After spending my younger years devouring books and chicken-scratching stories, I wrote my way through an honours BA in English and Philosophy and then an MA in Philosophy.  Then I spent more than ten years teaching, trying to get others addicted to words and ideas the way I was.

Flash forward to present day:  I run a curriculum design company with my husband, and it’s a rush helping organizations to teach and train students, employees, and customers.  I’m also thrilled to be the author of a series of books, mobile apps and teacher’s resources that teach philosophy and robotics to children.  Outside of educational materials, my list of publications and projects includes poetry, short fiction, children’s picture books, and creative non-fiction.  I’ve also found a pretty comfortable home in social media, and am an avid blogger and tweeter.

All these years later, I’m still happily obsessed with words and ideas.  Every so often, someone reads something I’ve written and lets me know that it made them think.  Not too shabby for a ratty little kid at a typewriter, eh?

Thanks for visiting and having a look around.  While you’re here, please pop over to my blog, follow me on twitter or find me on Goodreads.  If you’re so moved, let me know what you think.


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